Follow a Shadow

February 5, 2004

Video installation in 2 rooms of Impressions Gallery, York 2003 exploring links between early photography, silhouette drawing and popular entertainment. The video is presented as a piece of early film.

Follow a Shadow, origin of drawing

follow a shadow, birth of photog 
followashadow.installatA collaborative project with video designers Fifty-Nine Productions and artist Geraldine Pilgrim


The after-image of this strange, beguiling installation will be imprinted on the imagination for some time to come.**** Alfred Hickling, The Guardian


Magic awaits the visitor to this show. The mystery, as well as history, of photography is restored here. York Evening Press


Warner’s incredibly grainy black & white film takes us on an evocative journey into the murky world of Victoriana…the result is atmospheric and nostalgic. A-N Magazine

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