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Castleford Weir, River Aire

Castleford Weir, River Aire

My film A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers is incorporated in a new dance work in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada

The video triptych formed the basis for development workshops and public engagement sessions led by CCDS Artistic Director Holly Bright, starting in February 2011. It will be screened as an integral part of  What the Water Whispers, January 2013.

Extract from Crimson Coast publicity: ‘This work integrates projected film by U.K. artist Simon Warner which is split between screens to create a multi layered view of rushing water. The set design moves from suspended, soft, textural forms to architectural images that reflect light as mountain tops, sails in the sun or even glass buildings. The images, viewed together in context, are as rich as the forest, as moving as the rivers themselves and offer an opportunity for the audience to place themselves in a poetic environment.’

Crimson Coast Dance Society is a leading contemporary dance company in British Columbia. This new production is funded by CCDS and Nanaimo Art Gallery.

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On December 15, 2012

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